14 January 2011

0Traffic in San Diego, California

As you may already know I’m from San Diego. San Diego, California is a huge place for traffic because there are so many highways and freeways. Unfortunately, the city shares freeways with Los Angeles, so traffic is even worse than most other cities in the nation. Most local residents know how to get around the traffic or at least avoid it, but outsiders are usually overwhelmed by the sheer amount of cars on the rod. Obviously, rush hour traffic exists in the mornings and afternoons on almost every day.

There are well-over 10 freeways and highways in San Diego County, but some of them are much worse than others. For instance, the Interstate 5 and Interstate 15 are the two most crowded freeways in the county during rush hour. The Interstate 8 and Interstate 805 aren’t much better either. All drivers will want to avoid these freeways at any cost during the early morning and mid-afternoon. So then, don’t make the mistake of being on these roadways at the wrong time.

Traffic times in San Diego County vary greatly. Of course, the busiest freeways can have traffic times of an hour or more easily if the roads are packed bumper-to-bumper. The Interstate 15 has the worst waiting times during traffic, so this freeway should be avoided most of the time – if possible. Luckily, lesser freeways usually only have traffic commute times of 30 minutes or less.

Sadly, accidents can turn waiting times into hours in some cases. The Interstate 15 will sometimes have all lanes closed due to an accident, which can back up traffic for hours on end. Freeways in San Diego regularly have accidents, but they usually aren’t bad enough to cause major traffic delays. Still, San Diego has enough people in it to where accidents are fairly common.

Over a million people live in San Diego County. A lot of these people drive on the freeways on a regular basis, so nobody should underestimate traffic in the city and county.Regularly, the main streets and highways are packed to the point where minor to severe traffic can occur without warning. Sometimes, traffic just can’t be avoided.

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